Le Ngor Review



Atmosphere: 8 

Service: 9

Food :8


My date drove us up to Corniche Almadies  and finally settled upon a gorgeous beach front restaurant in the middle of the day. Beautiful paintings and structures lay in front of the restaurant, sold by a gentle old man (his name escapes me at the moment) . The clam shell and cement stairway showcases beautiful tropical plants and for a second, you really feel as if you’re in a beautiful garden. Once seated, we were immediately given menus. Our waitress didn’t even ask and gave me me an English menu and gave my date a French one. I really appreciated that gesture because I didn’t have to pull out google translate to order. I ordered the Curry coconut shrimp and my date ordered the Gambas and Thiof skewer. He loved his food and I found my food pretty tasty as well. There was a pretty good dessert menu and their coconut ice cream was amazing. The attaya was wayyyyyy too strong but the mint tea was very refreshing. Overall, great food. Medium-priced and a great view. I would visit again.


Chez Fatou Review

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Atmosphere: 9 

Service: 4

Food :6

Chez Fatou..I’ve heard so much about you. I’m glad we finally met! The scenery was beautiful and the mimosas did not disappoint. The seating area was open and had a great view to the oceans and the midday surfers.

Service is really important to me and the people who served me and amiga that day were super helpful! They even sent a waiter who spoke English to help us. The menu is in English, with lots of choices. Unfortunately, the breakfast/brunch  menu closes at 11:30 which I find to be a bit early. There are a few vegetarian choices, some local dishes, and lots of international ones. For an appetizer, we chose the Crab Dip and it was toooooo yummy ( but quite small) ! For our entree,  I ordered the chicken with au gratin  but the food  lacked a little flavor. Perhaps they cater to a certain palate but it is defiantly not for those of us who grew up in households that utilize seasoning ( shade but it’s all love 🙂 )  My friend ordered Shrimp Alfredo & she said it was okay. I’m defiantly open to going back and trying different items because overall it’s a great place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.


UPDATE: After visiting 2 more times and receiving terrible service I’m confused as to what happened. I waited 25 minutes to be given a menu and after getting out my seat to ask what was going on, the host seemed unbothered at all. I personally took the menus back to our seat and still waited another ten minutes to get a waiter…and it wasn’t busy at all. The servers didn’t apologize and the mangers on duty did not seem like they were doing anything. I’m not sure how they are managing the tables but I think they need a new system.

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