Le Ngor Review



Atmosphere: 8 

Service: 9

Food :8


My date drove us up to Corniche Almadies  and finally settled upon a gorgeous beach front restaurant in the middle of the day. Beautiful paintings and structures lay in front of the restaurant, sold by a gentle old man (his name escapes me at the moment) . The clam shell and cement stairway showcases beautiful tropical plants and for a second, you really feel as if you’re in a beautiful garden. Once seated, we were immediately given menus. Our waitress didn’t even ask and gave me me an English menu and gave my date a French one. I really appreciated that gesture because I didn’t have to pull out google translate to order. I ordered the Curry coconut shrimp and my date ordered the Gambas and Thiof skewer. He loved his food and I found my food pretty tasty as well. There was a pretty good dessert menu and their coconut ice cream was amazing. The attaya was wayyyyyy too strong but the mint tea was very refreshing. Overall, great food. Medium-priced and a great view. I would visit again.


GoGo’s Cupcake & Coffee Shop Review

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Atmosphere: 9 

Service: 9

Food :9


gogo cupcakes

photo taken from Gogo’s Cupcake & Coffee Shop website

Mouthwatering Cupcakes  ✔

Unique Alice in Wonderland teaspoons ✔

Giant Teacups ✔

Pink pillows and decor ✔

Welcome to my second favorite place in Dakar. Gogo’s Cupcake & Coffee Shop is located across the street from College Sacre Couer. When you walk in you will be amazed to see the quaint pink entry table and couch. You will momentarily forget you’re in Dakar and start really feeling like you’re on a trip to Wonderland!! You can tell the owner loves pink and so do we! I really appreciate how much attention she paid to detail and the woman working the register was extremely accomadating. It’s the perfect place to begin a girl’s day out on the town.  It’s in the cut but it’s so worth it. There are usually  6 different types of cupcakes on any given day. Today there is


Caramel Popcorn PopCake

Red Velvet

Double Chocolate

Chocolate with vanilla icing

Chocolate with Strawberries

There menu is also full of tea, coffee, espresso, crepes, quiches, smoothies & even croque monsieur .  I’ll attach the link to her Facebook page below. Tell me if you like it!

Buy Local !  Consumme Locale !!

Gogo”s cupcakes

Senegalese Ceebu Jen ( Jollof)


All this fight abcheebout Nigerian Jollof vs Ghanaian Jollof and everyone is leaving out the Great-Grandfather of Jollof Rice, Ceebu Jen (literally means rice and fish). According to the best Senegalese I’ve spoken to, Ceebu Jen originated in present-day Saint Louis among a Wolof  woman. Now in Senegal, there are two type of Ceebu Jen; Ceebu Jen Bu xonk (red jollof ) and Ceebu Jen bu wexh (white jollof) . They are both made the same but Ceebu Jen bu xonk  is made with tomatoes and Ceebu Jen bu wexh ( make sure you roll your tongue lol) is made without tomatoes but usually includes green bissap and tamarind seeds as an additional side. It goes without saying that the Red Ceebu Jen is most similar to Jolof rice. Usually Senegalese cooks use broken thai rice but recently I’ve noticed more and more people using the local rice.

Some sides usually include:



green bissap mixed with okra